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It is natural to have questions. Painting your home or business is a big commitment and investment. Our goal is to always be helpful. Below are the many questions we have curated over the years. Please feel free to also ask us any questions if you don’t see an answer to your question.

Yes, we are fully insured. Please ask us for a certificate of insurance. Every reputable contractor will be more than happy to provide you a copy.

Estimate 1 gallon for every 350 square feet (slightly smaller than the size of the average family room), but you’ll need almost double that if you’re applying two coats  ––  for example, if you’re painting over a dark color and don’t use primer. You’ll also likely need an extra coat of paint for textured surfaces, such as brick. Another reason to get more than you think you’ll need: The exact color of paint can vary if it’s mixed at different times, so the shade you buy this Saturday might be slightly different from the same shade you buy a few days later when you realize you’re short.

Despite what you may have heard, deep shades can actually help a tiny space feel more expansive. Since dark colors recede, they can make walls appear farther back than they actually are. And a dark shade applied to a ceiling can make it seem higher by creating an illusion of infinity—think of the vastness of the night sky.

There are several key things to look for when choosing a painting contractor. At the very least, check to see if they are licensed, insured, experienced and capable of completing work. Look for reputable companies with local references. Check social media, Google, and BBB reviews.

Yes, we are more than happy to provide a list of references upon request.

You can also view our social media, Google and BBB reviews.

Of course. Please see our gallery of images and videos of past work.

We only use professional quality paints from Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, PPG / Porter. We are also happy to use any other paint upon customer request.

Maintaining open line of communication with you is very important to us. Your job foreman should be able to answer most questions but please feel free to contact your estimator or contact our office staff at any time to address concerns or answer any questions you may have whatsoever.

Please inquire to determine all specifics that could be entailed. We do not charge for phone calls. 

There are many factors to consider: type and size of the job; amount of windows and other trim work; number of and intensity project; amount of protection needed for home furnishings; material availability; and the extent of required preparation. All of those specifics will need to be considered in order to provide you with an accurate estimate.

The process can take as little as same day completion from the time we connect with you. However, the actual timing will depend on the delivery of all materials, the type of work required, our schedule and weather conditions if the project involves exterior work.

During our consultation with you, we can evaluate your situation and let you know how long we believe it will take to complete your project.

Please move all small items and breakables. Unless agreed otherwise, we will move and protect all of the furniture and fixtures.

A payment schedule is outlined in our contact. We will invoice you accordingly and will expect to be paid at that time.
The cost of a job is usually determined by the level of thoroughness, attention to detail, and quality desired. It costs more to properly prepare a surface for painting than to just pressure clean and scrape the surface. The majority of the cost of painting is in the surface preparation and the labor involved in the application of the paint and not the actual cost of the paint itself. As with most other industries, generally you get what you pay for.
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